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TFSRUS #6 -Neko edition- :iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 12 19
Mature content
TFSRUS #5 -Maid Edition- :iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 16 6
Terra -Character Profile-
Name: Terra  
Height: 5' 4”
Weight: Unknown
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
Body-type: Terra has a rather voluptuous and sexy hourglass figure. Whether this is her natural form or from her magic not many people know.
Attraction: Terra is attracted to people rather than forms, especially since she can change those so easily. Thus Terra likes both genders and open to many different TFs.
Magical Heritage: It isn't quite known as she didn't even know that she had magic in her blood. More than likely it is some kind of shape-shifter given her abilities and specialties. Speculations include Succubus due to the ease and potency of her charm spells or maybe even a Rhakshasa demon given how easy it is for her to alter forms.
Favorite TF: Doesn't really have one. Although, she has taken a liking to the Wobble Doll TFs.
Terra typically wears normal clothes, T-shirts, jeans, etc. She especially likes to show off her more nerdy side with gaming, cartoons, and comic book T-shir
:iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 8 48
Mature content
Tales of Magic: a Terra and Maddy story Part 2 :iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 4 3
Mature content
TFSRUS #4 -Sissy Edition- :iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 17 153
Sultry Sandra's Dolly Drumsticks
After seeing the little spectacle that was lulu’s adorable incredibly adorable ballerina day, her store had been doing much better. Add the Toyter Tots and her new Buttface Breadsticks and her popularity had gone up. Heck her picture count had even doubled since then. All in all I felt pretty good about my efforts. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised by what came next.
I had been continuing my own research into TFS, my latest project was for a Wobble Doll TF, I saw the Queen Elena had been struck with such an effect and I loved it quite a lot. “Hmm, inanimates are a much higher class of spell. Affecting the body and mind to that degree requires more power and skill than other TFs.” It took quite a bit of research but I think I had it down. The only thing left to do was test it. My face brightened, I could always use my assistant. “Oh Terra?!” I called down to her, only to immediately hear. “Yeah boss?” I turned to see that the was alrea
:iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 26 95
Lulu the Adorable Ballerina
Lulu is the best mascot from all the restaurants hands down! Yet she wasn’t as loved or favorite as she should be! She needed to show off just what made her the best, how adorable she is. But if you even tried to say it, she’d shrink you and god knows what kind of recipes she had now. I had been working on an enchantment for just this occasion. With a simple Hypnosis spell, usually referred to as suggestion, I could get exactly what I needed to give her a huge popularity boost. Now what should the suggestion be… I got it! This would be exactly what I needed!
Lulu was trying to come up with another recipe. After the ‘Toyter Tots’ incident at Rozy’s, the thought of it alone made her cheeks puff out in anger “Hmph!” she needed some payback. “Stupid Rozy, who gave her those Toyter Tots anyway!” Her arms crossed in anger as she looked around her store. It was much busier than it had been. She’d never admit it but Rozy&
:iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 21 39
Esalrion and Cila -Setting and Legend-
(This is a DND-style TF RP information post. This is not a story, if you’re not interested don’t worry.)
The land of Esalrion is a strange land to begin with. Members of all the races migrated here seeking freedom and a way to escape the more rigid nature of Kingdoms and countries. In the beginning of history this was the land where the Seregon migrated around tribally. Eventually they settled starting farm, towns, and the like. Each town had their own laws and jurisdiction, each major hub operating like its own country.
Soon after this, members of the other countries and races began migrating here. They were seeking that same freedom and were looking for opportunity away from their own countries. Humans, Elves, half-elves, and more started coming in. Thus the multi-racial country of Esalrion was born and started to thrive.
On the northern border of Esalrion there lies a town called Cila (Sigh-la). This particular area has a strangeness and danger to it far more than any ot
:iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 2 41
Lulu's New product -BUTTFACE Breadsticks-
I’ve met Lulu a few times and she’s my favorite of the Mascots, hands down. She’s the cutest of all of them for sure! Her adorable hair, the way she puffs her cheeks out when she’s upset. How cute she is when she’s insecure of how young she is. ‘Awww…’ just runs through my head whenever I see her. We’ve talked multiple times and joked around. I’ve called her adorable quite often and she puffs her cheeks out, so cutely.
She's so adorable to me and she’s never changed me, so I figured we were friends. So when I came up with an idea for a new Item for a restaurant’s menu. I  thought of the best, Lulu is the best so I definitely wanted to help her come up on top from all the others.
So the first thing I did after perfecting the new Item was go to her to pitch it. I wanted to help her come out on top after all, she was the best for sure! So I drove over, most people don’t feel too good when someone just telep
:iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 19 31
Mature content
TFs R US Research -Silly Palmtree- :iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 24 6
Mature content
TFs R US #3 -Clowngirl Edition- :iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 30 26
Mature content
BUTTFACE Battle! :iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 18 40
Mature content
Roommate Revenge -Terra's Origin- :iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 11 73
Mature content
Tales of Magic: a Terra and Maddy story Part:1 :iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 13 7
Mature content
TFs R US #2 -Cowgirl Edition- :iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 22 106
Mature content
Plumpie's Bimbo and BUTTFACE Emie :iconsirdudemanyguy:sirdudemanyguy 22 31


Doodle~ Cynthias Conversion by Kobi-Tfs Doodle~ Cynthias Conversion :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 106 13 June $10 Patreon Reward by KianJimenez June $10 Patreon Reward :iconkianjimenez:KianJimenez 194 6 W|Wr series: Happy and helpful by Paitent115
Mature content
W|Wr series: Happy and helpful :iconpaitent115:Paitent115 3 8
Transformation Battle Royal!! Pg20 by Kobi-Tfs
Mature content
Transformation Battle Royal!! Pg20 :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 391 66
Transformation Battle Royal!! Pg19 by Kobi-Tfs Transformation Battle Royal!! Pg19 :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 397 72 When the LoreTP GENDERBENDS by Sbalio When the LoreTP GENDERBENDS :iconsbalio:Sbalio 115 16 Such a Buttface by Kobi-Tfs Such a Buttface :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 58 17 Sammy's Suprise by MentalCrash Sammy's Suprise :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 230 48 Transformation Battle Royal!! Pg18 by Kobi-Tfs
Mature content
Transformation Battle Royal!! Pg18 :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 329 59
Perma-Subby SexyBUTT~ by Kobi-Tfs
Mature content
Perma-Subby SexyBUTT~ :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 149 366
TfGame Cow Cutie~ by Kobi-Tfs TfGame Cow Cutie~ :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 350 39 Coppertone Rosalina by Kobi-Tfs
Mature content
Coppertone Rosalina :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 410 48
Kitsune Girl Emie by Kobi-Tfs Kitsune Girl Emie :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 256 123 Kobi's New Corset~ by Kobi-Tfs
Mature content
Kobi's New Corset~ :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 253 66
Transformation Battle Royal!! Pg17 by Kobi-Tfs Transformation Battle Royal!! Pg17 :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 301 54 COM Bimbo Robin by Kobi-Tfs
Mature content
COM Bimbo Robin :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 426 43


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sirdudemanyguy's Profile Picture
Dude or Emie depends ^^
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm writing some tf stories when I can, some more "adult" then others and I hope you all like them. If you have a request or a suggestion let me know, I don't mind.

As for rping, I love to play transformational rps and if they get pervy (which I don't mind ^^) I like to move it to somewhere other than DA. I'm a switch so i love to play both dom and sub. I'm ok with most transformations. I like to play when I can, especially in the comments of my stories or commissions.

My Icon changes depending on current RPs or commissioned drawings. So it'll change more often especially with the comic still going on. Feel free to jump in to RP with me when Kobi hits me with his own TFs or any other tf I get hit with in general. That's part of the fun.

You probably already know this but my icons are all from Kobi-Tfs :iconkobi-tfs: he is my favorite artist on deviantart. He's a friend and he's a great artist so check him out if you haven't.


An update for those of you who were interested in my ninetails tfing story/project. I've been really busy lately with real life stuff. I haven't been able to finish my rough draft of the story I wanted to finish before starting that project. So I'm working on it when I have time and hopefully I finish the rough draft soon and get the ball rolling on the project. Hoping to have fun with it. ^-^
I didn't think I'd ever get to 100 let alone 200! Yet I made just that! Thanks everyone and I hope to make more stories that you all enjoy.

Also there didn't seem to be much interest in tfing me but I'm just curious. What would you guys who said yes would like to have seen me as?

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Sighing deeply you nurse your drink. You had hoped coming to the bar for a few drinks would have been about a celebration. How are you supposed to get a job when they're looking for young people and still require years of experience? How does that work? Anyway, some other asshole got the job, but at least you have a nice buzz going now. You think as you empty your most recent glass. "Damnit... Oh well. I'll find something. I got to!" you say to yourself trying to energize yourself a bit.

"Awww.... Someone looks down." you try to locate who spoke to find a rather cute red head looking at you with a charming smile. For whatever reason the first thing through your head as you look her over is 'She looks really nice'. As you take a look at her she's definitely pretty and you can't help but feel like she's a long lost friend. That's weird.... She's wearing a pair of jeans that are snug against her curves and a T-shirt with Finn and Jake from Adventure Time on it. Except they're undead for some reason and it says Zombie Time instead. "Yeah, just looking for a job and not having much luck." You blurt out, as if she's a close friend. "Oh that sucks... The name is Terra by the way." She holds out her hand and you grasp it giving it a shake. "Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm ok though my luck has to turn around, you know." You give her a smile, you just feel better with her sitting there next to you for some reason.

"Oh, I bet it already has." She leans closer to you, her chest jiggling ever so slightly. Is she coming on to you? "W-What do you mean?" you ask, curious if this is going somewhere. She smiles and responds "I know a place where you can get a good job. It'll tie you over easy, til you find one." The closer she leans into you the better about the whole situation you feel. It's as if her proximity alone, calms you down. It's very strange but it kind of feels like she's an old friend. If she has an idea, it's got to be better than working at a grocery store or something. "sure I'll take you up on that offer. It'll be nice to have a bit more income while I keep looking." She sits back and places a bill on the table. "Let's go and I'll get you what you need." Terra grabs your hand and walks out with you behind her.

She led you through the streets, one by one. You get pretty lost, you have no clue where you are. You can't seem to bring yourself to care though, or even get just a little bit nervous. Soon enough you head down an alleyway and stop in front of what looks like a costume store. Maybe? "TFSRUS? huh..." you do a double take and start having second thoughts. "uh... I appreciate it but I don't really want to work retail." you explain, feeling a little down that you have to say no to her. "Oh don't worry, it's not here. This is my job, although the benefits are very fun.". She smiles and laughs a little, kinda suspiciously. Oh well, how could you have doubted her? You smile and say "oh thanks. That's good." She leads you inside, opening the door as if it was never locked.

Inside you see much more than just clothes. There are rows and rows of clothes, games, drinks, food, books, pranks, all kinds of things! "Wow! What don't you have here?" you marvel over just how much seems to be in this store. "Well the owner likes to go aroud and find all kinds of new fun things. So pretty much anything you can imagine." Terra explained, a cute smile on her face. "Now then we've got to get you what you need, don't we? Hmmhmm~" she laughs cutely as she goes off and starts grabbing a few things from around the store. It looks like clothes mostly, as she walks to and fro. The clothes seem almost random, like none of it would actually make any kind of cohesive outfit. She grabs one last thing that you couldn't see and walks back to you. "all right then, let's get this show on the road." Terra pulls out a pair of.. Cat ears? And places them on your head.

"Umm.. Terra. What kind of job is this?" You ask nervously but you stand your ground. Still wanting to see where this is going. Terra smiles back mischievously and stands back, "Oh my favorite cafe needs more servers and I think you'll be purrfect~ heehee~" she giggles as you feel a strange sensation of your ears being pushed into your head as they disappear, your hair covering them. The band part of the cat ears sinking into your head as a strange feeling on the top of your head begins. You feel them twitch around, you begin to hear things crystal clear as you can even tell how many cars are going by at once with just how powerful they are. Your hands move up immediately to your head and you feel them. They tingle a bit as all of a sudden just you touching them makes you purr~. Your eyes snap back wide open.

Before you can ask what is happening or make a run for it, or anything for that matter. You feel a warm spot above your rear, right at your tail bone. Soon you feel a soft tail making its way down between your legs. You can't help but make the typical "Nya?" as you try to figure out how this is happening. "What did you do?" you manage to ask as Terra continues to laugh at your predicament. You begin to walk towards her trying to grab her or confront her somehow.

As you get to her she waves her hand and instead you  walk right by her. Your new fuzzy tail, swishing back and forth like a vexed kitten.  You stride down to the far end of the store, your body changing as you do so. As you approach what looks like some kind of mirror set up outside of a dressing room, you see your body changing. Your hips pushing further and further out. You begin to sway  your walking now perfectly graceful, hips rolling, ass rocking side to side, like liquid sloshing back and forth in a pitcher. You were suddenly limber and lithe, sex on legs. Your chest tingling a bit as you reached the mirrors and it pushed out. Soon you had a nice pair breasts swelling up as they jiggled slightly on you with each step. Your shirt distorted sexily as it lifts up and exposes your midriff, your stomach cinched inwards and toned.

As you stare at yourself, you feel... you feel... incredible! You turn around checking out all of your new form. Your cat ears shifting around at every noise, your eyes wide and cute. Your incisor teeth more pronounced as one pokes through adorably. Your chest now sporting two sexy tear-drop shaped breasts, held tightly by your shirt. Your midriff tight and exposed. Your pants small on you but hanging nicely on your hips. You see two hands coming around and scratching behind your ears. Your body and mind automatically going onto autopilot, it feels so good. You sigh happily as your eyes unfocus and you purr but she stops. You look at her, eyes hopeful that she'll start again.

“Sorry Kitten but you'll need to put on the uniform for your interview.” She stands back and holds up a rather small pair of shorts. Your first instinct is to thank her and prepare for your interview but something seems off for some reason. You needed a job but was this the job? You aren't sure this is even your body, as you take another look in the mirrors.

Your breasts started lifting and separating. Are you growing again? You soon realize that your shirt is in fact shrinking down. Your sleeves pull inwards as it thins out becoming thing straps and then altogether disappearing, your cleavage now exposed. The bottom of your shirt pulling upwards towards your chest. Eventually stopping right well above your stomach. A name tag forming onto your top with your actual name being typed upon it. Your chest being held tightly by this new top. You can't help but feel good about it. Were you angry? Were you against this? That doesn't seem right. Your pants started tightening, the hips pulling downwards and getting tighter. Your pants now starting barely above your rear, leaving your tail nice and free. The legs pulling up and up to the size of the shorts Terra was holding. They hold your bottom quite nicely. You gaze upon your body. Wait... your body? You're not sure for a split second but soon it's pushed out of your mind as the cute red-head Terra comes into the view of the mirrors.

“Ready for your interview?” She asks as she examines her handiwork. Your face lights up as you realize that you look absolutely perfect! “Thanks Terra!” You turn around and hug her tightly, your ears perky and your tail swaying. Terra smiles as she hugs you back, eventually taking your hands off of her. “I think you've got an interview to get to now. Good luck.” You bound outside of the store ready to ace it, confident that the job was yours.


It's been a few weeks since you started here. You've never had so much fun in your life! Each one of your coworkers a cute hybrid. This place is definitely busy, you realize as you walk down the aisle. The bar to your left and the booths to your right. You tease one of your coworkers tail with your own, another Neko with vibrant blue hair. She gives you a quick smile before returning to cleaning up a booth.

"OOOOOoorder up!" You hear the busty cowgirl cook in the back announce finishing your latest customer's breakfast. You smile as you carry a tray empty of plates with perfect balance in one hand. Your hips swaying and tails swishing, a cute bow wrapped around it. You approach the counter for your latest order to be delivered. You approach and see your new co-worker Morgan. She's such a pretty squirrel-girl and she's wearing the same uniform as you. Her short brown hair, a little spiky and her ears poking through them. It holds her figure just a nicely as yours, her large fluffy tail expertly moved to avoid all obstacles as she moved around busily. “Here's table 14's order cutie.” She hands you each, individual plate and drink. “Meeww... I got it.” You smile as you place them upon the tray and start walking expertly with perfect balance.

As you walk to the table you feel the eyes of several customers watching you walk. You can't help but feel like you're perfect for this job. You get to the table as you place down the first meal some home made vanilla french toast. “French toast for you.” You place it down in front of a brown haired, rather well built customer. He seems to be appreciating the view. You put down an omelet in front of a rather cute blonde, you wink at her and smile. You imagine that she'd look quite good as a fox girl. “Let me know if you need a job cutie, I know someone who could help with that quite a bit.”. You smile and walk off as she blushes.

As you start heading to your next table, you see it looks like a red head has taken it. As you get closer to the table you see that the new customer happens to be your favorite one. You can't wait to thank Terra for getting you your dream job. After all that's why you went to her store right?
TFSRUS #6 -Neko edition-
Glad i got this one done despite how busy it's been lately. I kind of like this cafe but I'm not entirely sure what to call it or what else to add to it. If I get a cool suggestion or come up with something, I'll probably add to this one and maybe even do more involving it.

This one was requested by :iconpaitent115:.

I hope you enjoy it. ^-^

Terra's profile here.…
Hey everyone. Just two ideas that I've had lately that I wanted to share and see if there was any interest


#1 So I've had a new form added to my repetoire of things that I've been, that being Nine-Tails fox. I've played this form as a much more powerful and mischievous version of me. So I've been thinking, if I had all of that unstoppable magic power, i'd probably just go wild and TF and/or TG everyone. Just to have my fun and change as many people as possible. So I was thinking maybe I could make a continuing story with small little chapters here and there of fans that wanted to be in it and get tfed by me. If enough people are interested I can make this an ongoing thing. So I could take like 3 people and talk with them figure out what, how, and why i change them. Then write them out and go for the next 3, etc. I'm not starting this yet, I'm just seeing if there would be interest in it. I think it'd be cool, it's something I haven't seen anyone do before.


#2 So I'm actually approaching 200 watchers. I never thought I'd make 100 let alone double that. ^-^ And i was asked by someone to put on the expansion corset that Kobi just started wearing. Which gave me an idea, so as thanks I was thinking about maybe I'll post up a journal poll or something and you all can decide what I'll be tfed into. Maybe I'll stay that way for a month or something to that effect. Maybe I cast a spell and set it up so that I get tfed into whatever you guys ended up picking, or maybe Terra traps me in such a spell. The basic idea being I'll have a voting journal to decide what I'll get changed into and then I'll post the winner. Then maybe I'll have a story where descriptions of what I should look like and wear, etc. Then have those comments causing the change. It's just an idea. Again seeing if there is any interest.


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Hi, how are you?
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tired but good , yourself ? xD
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Pretty much the same. work has me doing lots of overtime. Which does wonders for my paycheck but my free time and energy levels not so much. :3
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Ah, yeah. Finals time.
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Hi, hope things are alright!  Also hope to see the kobi duel document update soon, I'd love to see what the written version looks like, since it can go into more detail, particularly about how characters think/feel.
sirdudemanyguy Featured By Owner May 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I'm doing good, just busy with lots of overtime and Persona 5 when I can. Haha! ^^

as for updating the story. I'll be doing that today when the next page comes out. We decided that I'll add the various tfs to the story as they finish up. That way nothing really gets spoiled.
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